Model photos on Green Screen Studio Chroma key

Video Transcript

what’s the difference if you shoot in like in a white or gray and a green it’s also possible to cut out of the background from the gray or white because it’s called isolated but it’s going to be difficult with the small details because this could be similar color range in a hair and a few other thing that’s why we’re using the green because not such a color in its human skin tone and we try to get addresses not containing a green if you have to shoot dress with a green color sometimes you can shoot in a blue chroma key if you get model right here and this lights really strong they affect it like model on the sides it’s called spill you still get it like in the legs special a lot of things in a hair that’s why we try to move model a little bit out of the background at least not affected here so this right right get less stuff we get more control and front lights so give a lot of green images which is difficult to get in other studios and give you a lot of homework to do you’re going to play with this and see how it works so we get imagination of the street of New York the model shop in the street of New York spring car action with some maybe yellow caps in the background and some maybe Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdale’s in some other store it’s a lot of picture exists over Internet even a smaller resolution like this you can make a draft even there is a smaller resolution if this looks white and this really like it we can come to the same place and reshoot it we in New York City and uh look I tell you what I can use your reflector maybe on the side but not another light because if you try to match what’s a natural outside stuff we say go go in the street it’s no even lights outside so we’re trying to match the Sun on this condition so the huge softbox like this is going to work like big Sun lights on the street so it’s going to imitate the perfect lighting outside so goals go on in New York City outside with the bags get happy spring collection we try to find the same background with the same lighting direction from the right side it was an agenda to took when you get it to the shot so get a same direction of the light when you get in the shot in same direction in light and the background so it’s doesn’t work artificial or fake shaking that’s the bad you’re shooting a rope wazniak right yes all right so you’re gonna correct it later okay let’s do it again funny face nice nice yeah that’s great yes one more great I look out somewhat ah it’s me you crossing the street okay good one more just wide step you crossing the street and shooting from this okay bump and shoulder shoulders to me twist your body do it one more show this to me okay and not more okay good mm-hmm okay just just like this hmm okay right MA mm-hmm along my shoulders to me okay genius question what’s we shooting today what’s the story about the spring dress which is like you know high heels crossing the street with a background of Manhattan shopping spree it’s a great idea so we can imagine what’s this about spending money happy like New York City shopping beautiful woman sophisticated style design a dress this is something like promoting some products and lifestyle but getting like cool to just hat and like it’s it’s it’s possible but it’s not really like impressive you