How to Green Screen (ChromaKey ) with Photography

Video Transcript

beautiful bike really a feminist we’re getting a new picture how do you guys markabs on here hope you’re having a great and wonderful day you know I get tons of emails about chromakey not only video but also photography and I thought I would actually do a video on chroma key for photography in this video we’re going to cover up what chroma key is so you know the specifics of it we’re also going to talk about the applications for setup and shooting in photography and we’re going to shoot a model now what is chroma key chroma key is the removal of a specific color or a range of colors to actually divulge an image behind the green screen its compositing an image you create your chroma key photograph digital photograph you remove the green and then you place another image behind it so you can have your subject anywhere you want them to be the most essential thing to your chroma key or digital photography chroma key is lighting your green screen now the primary thing you want to do is keep it evenly lit let me tell you if you don’t have your green screen evenly lit you’re going to have problems you can have something called hotspots come up and the hotspots are where there’s too much light and it’s really horrible the key now you can’t use anything to light your green screen background you really want a diffused light you don’t want anything directional like a spotlight or something of that nature you want to diffuse it what we’re doing here is we’re diffusing our light on the area green screen behind us with two soft boxes right here and we wrangle that it actually illuminates the background evenly now you can use an umbrella which will diffuse the light and you can also use work lights with a certain technique you can diffuse those lights now lighting your green screen you want to make sure that they are angled now using a diffuse light viewing of them about 45 degrees to back walk this creates a nice diffused light that hits the wall and keeps it all about the same on the s-stop so that when you’re keying it a keys out correctly there’s one thing that’ll happen sometimes when you’re keying and it’s called color spill there’s a simple process to prevent this from happening but it also depends on your software program too because some digital programs are better than others some of the programs that have been more geared toward chroma key work better than ones that are not geared towards chroma key and the way that we prevent color is spill big bad word and chroma key is we actually light our subject lighter than we do our background we never take our chroma key background and blow it out with light we always make sure that our subject that we’re shooting is lit more now we need to talk about some of the applications on how to actually take photos with your digital photo camera the first thing you want to do is you want to create a depth of fill with your camera you do this by using a large lens and you back far away from your subject and zoom in you zoom in on your subject and focus which actually creates a blur on the chroma key background you want to blur on the background because it makes it easier to key for your digital photo software that you’re using another thing that will actually help you when you’re actually shooting your digital photographs is to make sure you have your camera on manual now we all know we all love the auto feature of our camera but for a chroma key photography and for photography in a studio you don’t want to use it on automatic you want to use it on manual because you want total control of what you’re shooting when shooting your talent make sure to keep your perspective on your light to keep it natural whether the lights coming from the front of the back or whichever direction you want to make sure that the background you have and the photograph you’re taking with a chroma key combined together now there are a variety of different programs out there for removing the chroma key from your digital photographs but in this video we’re actually going to only cover photo key photo keys a great program you can found on two tape com and the reason it’s so great is the designers have it designed it specifically for chroma key removal using your digital photographs now what exactly does this mean well if you’re shooting chroma key on your digital photos and you just want to remove the chroma key that’s what this program does it only does that so that’s what makes it an excellent program to use now when you open up photo key you’re going to notice the user interface and the user interface is pretty simple and easy to use you’ll notice that you have your overlay which is actually an alpha channel that you can use you get your foreground which is your key to individual or you’re a digital your digital chroma key photograph that you took and your background and then you have your canvas here which is where the images actually go and over on the left side you’re gonna have print export combined which combines all the channels together positioning which positions your different of images filters which we’ll we’ll go into in a little bit it kind of change the hues the brightness and etc that might need to be altered a little bit in the photograph your key button your import and your canvas size now at the top you’ve got your zoom control and your zoom control actually zooms in and out on your canvas so you can see what of your images looks like we’re more detailed now when you’re editing this you’re actually going to see that your image is going to kind of work a large jaggedy and stuff and that’s kind of a low res type image to have up here and if you want to see it in full res before you actually do an export you can click on full quality and pull quality will show that to you now that we’ve actually gone over the basics in the interface of photo ki let’s take our digital photograph that we’ve taken of Sarah and he’s something behind it what we’re going to do to actually key our images we’re going to go to the foreground key and click change we’re going to get an image that we actually want to key here and we’ve got it here example photo we’ll pull that up and voila there is Sara and as you can tell it’s already automatically been keyed out ok and what we want to do is we also want to click change on our background so we can bring our image in let’s put Sara let’s put her in the room open that up as you can see things are kind of messed up a bit and we’re going to fix all that and how we fix it is we go to canvas size you’ll notice up in the corner you’ll see canvas size 8 by 10 inches and there’s a different array of ones that you can actually choose for that we’re going to keep it at 8 by 10 and we’re going to keep it at a portrait on their orientation because our image and our background is kind of going up and down and our resolution a 200 dpi is a good read you can take it all the way up to 300 if you wanted to let’s keep this one a 200 well we’ve got Sara here she’s key down entirely but let’s make absolutely sure what’s going on let’s go to key and you’ll see up on the right side and array of different things from the blur to the color difference to the crop comes in well if you’re having major issues with gene because sometimes when you’re keying a green screen digital photograph it’s not going to all key out and to actually make it see out you go out to detail and you can drop that down and it’ll remove most the rest of the key but we get a pretty good job of shooting Sarah on this so we really don’t have to do that also another thing that might occur when you’re shooting is you might actually shoot some of your chroma key and you don’t get your sheet in it you get some of the background or something you actually can’t key well the way you can take that out of the picture is by using crop you can crop the left you can crop right and you can crop the top and you can crop the bottom but you don’t wanna crop too much because it’s cropped too much you’re going to actually remove part of your image and you don’t want to do that so we’re not going to crop any of that our spill suppression isn’t extend and we’ve got it up to 100% it doesn’t look like we did a really bad job on shooting this so we don’t really have any any color spill coming out on Sarah too much here now we need to actually go in and fix her positioning within the photograph to do that we go to position and you’ll see you’ve got foreground and background at the top right now we’re going to work in the foreground and we’re going to place Sarah now you can see position horizontal and vertical we’re going to actually bring her down and cut off a little bit and take you out of the image and we’re going to move her over just a little bit to kind of bring damage in so we kind of have her sitting there you can also rotate and scale the image too and make her larger or make her smaller I think you’re probably going to scaler just a little bit well if you click on background you can kind of do the same thing you did with that you can move your image around I’m going to move it a little bit to the left there so that looks a little bit better let’s click full quality and see what our image looks like that looks rather nice you don’t have any color spill around Sarah and she seems to blend into the environment pretty well and we’ve actually created a nice composite image of Sarah with roman columns and looks pretty good and our final step is to export or print we click export we will get file formats we can do PNG JPEG or TIFF for a nice clear file I would do a tiff and we can export that we just click export type in the file name well in this video we’ve talked about a lot of stuff we’ve talked about ways to set up your chroma key how to do it how to light it how to set up your model for the actual photograph we’ve talked about some of the applications programs to use to actually do your chroma key with we’ve talked about photo key which is a great program I can’t knock it it’s one of the best ones out there that I’ve seen I haven’t seen anything comparable to it well I hope you’ve learned a lot this video has been fun guys you guys have a great evening and keep it cool and groovy you